How to Mail Merge in Microsoft Word 2010

How to Mail Merge in Word

How mail merge in order to send a letter to several different people without creating each letter individually. To do so, you need a letter merged with a contact list.

Follow the steps:

Starting the Mail MergeStep by Step Mail Merge

Start the mailing

Open Mailings tab

Open Start Mail Merge

Click Step by Step Mail Merge Wizard


Step 1

Mail Merge in a letterLetters

On Mail Merge panel

Choose Letters

Click Next

Next Step 1 of 6

Step 2Use de current document

Use a document

Check mark next to Use the current document

Click Next

Next Step 2 of 6

Step 3

Create a new listType a new list

Check mark next to Type a new list

Click Create

Type the information

Click New Entry to enter new name

When all entries are done, click OK

Name your list, save it in Data Source folderEdit Data Source

Click Save

Click OK

Click Next

Next Step 3 of 6

Step 4Insert information in the letter

Write your letter

Write your letter without personal information

Click where to insert the address, then click Address block

Click where to insert the greeting line, then click Greeting line

Click OK

Click Next

Next Step 4 of 6

Step 5Edit recipient list

Customize your list

Click Edit recipient list

It’s possible to sort and to filter the information here

Click OK

Click Next

Next Step 5 of 6

Step 6Merge

Take a look at all letters

Click Edit individual letters

Click OK

Template of Mail Merge, edited


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