How to start a project with Microsoft Project 2010

How to start a project with Microsoft Project 2010

Microsoft Project is a great program to manage any kinds of projects whatever its working time, its scale and its activity domain. It is helpful to plan and follow accurately the job development. The different points of view are incredibly varied.

In order to benefit of the advantages of this program, it helps to follow these simple rules:

  • Follow the steps to design a project;
  • Begin to set up the calendar options;
  • Specify Auto scheduled tasks
  • Work with links between tasks instead of times

Pretend that we have to construct a veranda. Here are the steps to design this project:

  1. The first thing to do, after the registration (saving), we have to set up the start time and the end time of our work day.
  2. Because we want Project to calculate the work flow, we are going to start with Auto Scheduled tasks.
  3. Then, we need to specify the Start date and the Working time.
  4. Now, we’ll be ready to enter tasks and control the work flow by using different kinds of links.

How to process

Since the file is already registered, let’s specify the Project Calendar.

  • Open FileProject Calendar
  • Click Options
  • On Schedule, enter this information:
    • Default start time:          8:00 AM
    • Default end time:           5:00 PM
    • Hours per day:                  8
    • Hours per week:              40
    • Days per month:              20
  • Click OK

The Project Calendar: the scheduling mechanism that determines the working time for resources and tasks.

Also, set up this Scheduling option in order to allow Project to automatically calculate the work flow.

  • Open File
  • Click Options
  • On Schedule, below Scheduling options for this project:
  • New tasks created: choose Auto scheduled
  • Click OK

Auto Schedules new tasks

Make sure that Project will display the date and time:Date format

  • Open File
  • Click Options
  • On General, choose:
    • Date format: choose a date with time

Then, we need to define the start day and time of our project

  • Open Project tab
  • Click Project Information
  • In front of Start date, choose a date and add the time
    The time to start has to be the same as the one that was set in Project Calendar,
    here is 8:00 AM
  • Click OK

Start Date

The date may be a temporary date, but the time has to be exact.

Here, it is the way to set the Working Time of our Standard Calendar. In that way, it will be possible to specify free periods of time during the working day (no paid period)

  • Open Project tab Change Working Time command
  • Click Change Working Time
  • Click Work Weeks tab
  • Click Details button
    • Select days that have the same schedule time: Monday to Friday
    • Check mark Set day(s) to these specific working times:
    • Enter the hours From and To
      Respect the Default start time and Default end time of the Project Calendar
    • Click OK
  • Click OK

Set working time

Now, we will be ready to insert the tasks

  • Insert the first task, below Task Name column
  • Enter its Duration: d (day), hrs (hours) wk (week), or mon (month)
  • Do the same for the other tasks

Laying a paver Patio

In our example we have 5 main tasks:

  1. Stretch guidelines                          2 hours
  2. Lay the first paver                          6 hours
  3. Lay the second row, and so on    3 days
  4. Cut the pavers on the ground      1 day
  5. Compact the surface                      5 hours

Five first tasks

In our example, because each task must be completed before the next one, we’re going to link all tasks in this simple manner:

  • Select the first task
  • Press Shift key
  • Select the last task
  • Click Link Tasks command

Tasks and Gantt


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