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    Taking Minutes

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    • Evaluation

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    Planning, Managing, and Tracking Projects

    Coaching in Project Management

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  • French second language, Audio and Video

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    • Phone conversation
    • Vocabulary and Grammar
    • Evaluation
    • TOEIC Test

Training capsules

  • How to Mail Merge in Microsoft Word 2010

    How to Mail Merge in Word How mail merge in order to send a letter to several different people without creating each letter individually. To do so, you need a letter merged with a contact list. Follow the steps: Starting the Mail Merge Start the mailing Open Mailings tab Open Start Mail Merge Click Step…


    How to start a project with Microsoft Project 2010

    How to start a project with Microsoft Project 2010 Microsoft Project is a great program to manage any kinds of projects whatever its working time, its scale and its activity domain. It is helpful to plan and follow accurately the job development. The different points of view are incredibly varied. In order to benefit of…


    Sort and Filter data in Microsoft Excel 2007, 2010, 2013

    Create a data list in order to be able to Sort and to Filter in Microsoft Excel 2010 Respect the principles to display your data Display a list of data Guidelines to create Data Base in Excel: Use only one list per sheet Avoid empty columns and empty rows inside the list Display one type…